Thursday, 3 February 2011

Still Remembered

It has been over six years now Pip and Boss and I still talk about you so often, you have never left our hearts. We still have your Pal Jesse but he is growing old now. Jack grew into a fine dog and is a wonderful companion.

Uncle Geoff has gone now and so has Audrey. They both loved you so much. Geoff took you out a good deal when Boss was laid up for months with sciatica and he always laughed at the way you thought every phone call was for you and how you would "speak" to people over the telephone. Geoff talked about you often.

I have been through so much since you left us and I am facing lots more medical treatment. I can no longer go out for walks with Jesse and Jack as I did with you. I remember those days over in the fields when I used to hide from you and you would race around looking for me. How much you loved the snow. My gardening days are over, simply cannot do it anymore but what fun we had Pip when we shared all those hours together out there, you sniffing at everything I was doing, trying to help in your own way and wagging your tail fit to burst. Such happy memories.

Boss and I are growing old ourselves, the years fly so quickly. I have been sorting out photographs today and found so many of you that my eyes welled up. I am going to scan them all and put them in a "Pip" file on my external hard-drive.

Well, old friend, I just wanted to call by and let you know that you are not forgotten and never will be. We loved you in life, we love you still.

Boss Lady.


  1. We will love our furry kids forever and a day. It's been 6, 3 and 1 year for me losing my three labs and I still well up with tears thinking of them almost daily. Life hasn't been the same without them and never will. I know Pip is watching & patiently waiting at the bridge.

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