Monday, 6 October 2008

Chapter Thirteen

Jesse and I loved going to the village with Boss. He would often walk us there rather than going in the car and we were both so popular. People knew Boss as "the man with two dogs". All the shopkeepers knew us. We would sit patiently tied up outside something called "the supermarket" and so many people would pat us as they walked by.

When we went by one shop a smell of cooking would issue forth and the man that owned it would stopBoss and always give Jesse and I something called "chips" and sometimes a bit of fish which we both loved. Sometimes we went to a place where Mrs. Boss bought plants and things to put in the garden. This place also had an animal section and the owner, Vic, would always give us dog biscuits or sometimes a chew. So, we were spoiled dogs, not just at home but outside as well. Boss got to know so many new people because of us and we got to know a lot of dog friends. Everyone knew Jesse and myself.

Becky and Dean would often take us out. They liked to walk a lot and we would go with them to the woods and follow the trails all around. They would hide from us and we would gallop to find them. I think Becky and Dean loved us almost as much as Boss and Mrs. Boss. This would only be at what humans called weekends because they both had "work" during the week.

Then, Becky gave up work and began spending much more time at our house and it was wonderful to see her. She and Mrs. Boss would sit in the garden drinking tea and throwing toys for us. Then we did not see Becky for a while, she seemed to have disappeared and I could not understand it. However, there was a great sense of excitement in the air and one particular day Mrs. Boss was on edge all the time. I heard her tell Boss that she so wished the call would come.

In the early evening it did and then there was a flurry of activity. Mrs. Boss spent ages on the gadget she held to her ear speaking to lots of different people and she was so excited! It was quite a few days later when I heard the familiar sound of the car that belonged to Becky and Dean and I was so pleased as I had been worried I would not see them again.

I was very surprised when Becky walked in carrying a bundle. I was not much interested at first as many things had been brough into our home in the past. Then Becky handed the bundle to Mrs. Boss and Mrs. Boss was delighted and I heard her speak in soft tones I had not heard before.

Then Boss held the bundle and Mrs. Boss gave Becky presents.
Eventually I was allowed to see the bundle and I was amazed. It was a tiny human, the tiniest human that I had ever seen. Something called "a baby".. a human miniature. I had never had anything to do with a baby in my entire life and I was told to be very gentle. I tentatively sniffed at the baby. He, for it was a boy, smelled nice. He smelled of Becky, of milk, he reminded me of when I was a tiny pup and still with my mother. I liked him very much and showed it with furious wagging of my tail.

From then on I saw a lot of baby and I watched him grow and develop. When he was in his little chair on the floor I would guard him and when he got bigger he was able to reach out and grab my fur. Sometimes he pulled my ear or tugged on my tail but I did not mind. I loved him because he was part of our family, part of Boss, Mrs. Boss, Becky and Dean.

When he started to walk he would chase me but I would always let him catch me. I was so proud, when one day, Mrs. Boss placed him on my back and holding him on carefully I was allowed to walk around with him on my back and I was delighted when he laughed with joy.

Of course, none of the humans knew that my back was hurting me really badly by this time. For quite some time I had been slowing down. I still enjoyed my swimming, in fact, I would race ahead and always be the first in the water, always beating Jesse to it. I suppose I looked no different and I did not blame the humans, how were they to know? But my back legs were getting stiff and my back hurt a lot but I was never one to complain, I was a good dog.

Eventually Boss and Mrs. Boss did notice and I was then in for a series of visits to the vet.

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